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    Sea Chimpy's Gym Rules


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    Sea Chimpy's Gym Rules Empty Sea Chimpy's Gym Rules

    Post  Chimpy on Sat Dec 12, 2009 4:17 pm

    1. All matches will be 4v4 Singles. No exceptions.

    2. Self K.O. + OHKO moves are banned.

    3. Item clause with the exception of Leftovers

    4. Pokemon Must be Caught/Bred By yourself. If not you are disqualified for a week.

    5. If the match somehow ends in a draw, then you must schedule a rematch at a later time.

    6. A pokemon inspection will immediately follow the end of the match. If you get disconnected or intentionally leave before hand, then you are disqualified.

    7. You must have (?) badges before i accept any challenge. (this may change)

    8. Be a good sport, play good, don't complain if you lose and dont brag if you win.

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