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    These are your Rules for PWC


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    These are your Rules for PWC Empty These are your Rules for PWC

    Post  JJ on Sat Dec 12, 2009 5:20 pm

    These are PWC Regulations for battles

    Match Setup: Every gym leader has his/her own setup for their GYM, if you do not follow these rulesthe gym leader has the right to lay a temporary ban on you from challenging their GYM.

    Collecting Badges: You may only challenge 3 Gyms a day, win or loose, no rematches until next day, this prevents you from collecting every badge in a day then having to forfit in dec/june because you no show.

    How to become a GYM leader after all 12 spots are full: After you collect all GYM badges (12) you may challenge any of the previously defeated GYM leaders for their GYM, under their custom rules.

    Can i loose my badges?: Yes you can loose your badges after a pokemon league has gone by, so if you get all 12 badges, finish 10th total in pokemon league tourny, you MUST start over no exceptions, this makes it so there are newer faces and equal chance to get in!

    Banned Pokemon: Arceus, Shaymin, Cressila, Deoxus

    Can i hack pokemon?: No savs... you can obtain pokes through Action Replay, but they must be legit stat wise, if you have pokess with un realistic stats you will be kicked from PWC indefinatly

    Can a GYM Leader challenge other GYMs & go to the pokemon league?: Yes, but if they win the pokemon league they loose their gym for a surprise

    What happens if i know something other members dont because its a prize for wininng the pkmn league: you get punished

    What happens if i beat a GYM leader & he doesnt acknowledge it?: save EVERY GYM battle after your battle on the VS. Recorder & share it with him, if he still doesnt acknowldge your win, show me & ill punish that leader

    -Note: Rules maybe changed at ANYTIME so please check back regularly & make this a free from dispute place *Cough*GameBattles*Cough*

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