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    Luna City GYM Rules


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    Luna City GYM Rules Empty Luna City GYM Rules

    Post  Kira-kun on Sat Dec 12, 2009 1:08 pm

    1. All matches will be 5v5. No exceptions.

    2. Self k.o. moves are banned.

    3. No healing items, except hold items. (i.e. Leftover, etc.)

    4. Pokemon with hacked stats are banned. If you are caught with even one in your team, you will be disqualified.

    5. If the match somehow ends in a draw, then you must schedule a rematch at a later time.

    6. A pokemon inspection will immediatly follow the end of the match. If you get disconnected or intentionally leave before hand, then you are disqualified.

    7. You must have (?) badges before i accept any challenge. (this may change)

    8. Be a good sport, play good, don't complain if you lose and dont brag if you win.

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